Questions To Ask Your Limo Service Before The Wedding

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Apart from adding to the party/luxury/celebration atmosphere, wedding days offer many other benefits. A limo service keeps the wedding party together, so arrivals are on time. It keeps wedding dresses from wrinkling. If you’re planning a wedding, consider a San Francisco limo service.

They’re very classy and can fit into any occasion. It’s essential to consider a few questions and information about hiring a sfo limousine service. It would help if you went prepared, or else you could find yourself with a low-rated or unprofessional limousine service. Everyone wants their wedding day to go perfectly, and we all want it to be the best day ever.

When vetting limo services, ask the following questions:

Insurance Coverage

It would be a shame if your limo breaks down on the way to your wedding, and you need to find a new one. It is important to ask who would be responsible for the accident if large sums of money are involved.

How Are Your Drivers Dressed?

It is important for sfo limo services to require chauffeurs to wear uniforms in order to look professional. If you need to ensure that your drivers look professional, check with the limo company and see what they wear on the job.


Are Your Drivers DOT Compliant?

A limo service is legit if they have the required licenses, their drivers are DOT compliant, and their rates are reasonable. All new drivers will be tested for drugs. Contact them only if this is an important issue to you.

How well trained are your drivers?

A good limo company will have drivers who are licensed or permitted to drive a limousine. In addition to having a valid U.S. driving license, your driver should also have a chauffeur’s license for the state where they will be driving.

What is the maximum number of people the vehicle can hold?

It is likely that limousine companies who answer “Ten passengers” are packing in more than that. If you plan to have more people than your group, it’s always a good idea to reserve a stretch limousine one size up from your group.


Is there an amenity package included?

Wedding day! Is the limousine company providing a red-carpet exit for your special day? Some limousines have snack and drink carts, but others don’t. Ask if this is important to them beforehand, and remember it. Your limo company may be able to arrange it if you need it but they do not offer it.

Your marriage proposal isn’t the time to worry about the dress code. All San Francisco limo services allow their clients to bring food or drinks into their vehicles, but some do not allow any food or drink inside their cars at any time. The first time you speak with a limo company, you must ask about this. They may have some rules and regulations they need to adhere to.

Do You Provide A Contract?

Just as you should have a contract with your vendor on your wedding day, so should you have a contract with your sfo limo service. An effective sales contract that sets forth policies, pricing, expectations, and rules are necessary. It might be best to request an assurance from the limousine company you are considering if they don’t provide one.

If you’re considering choosing a limo for your wedding, you must select the right one! Ask these essential questions to ensure you’re delighted with your vehicle, company, and service. SFO Limousine Service offers exceptional cars and professional drivers with first-rate customer service. We’re one of the best San Francisco limousine services because we take great pride in everything

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